BROS PROFESSIONAL BROMADIOLONE - mouse and rat killer wax block


- 0.005 % bromadiolone (active substance; anticoagulant)

- denatonium benzoate (extremely bitter taste of the substance prevents accidental ingestion)


Modern, ready-to-use poison eliminating rodents. Available as wax blocks, designed to fight mice, rats and other rodents.

High efficiency of the product is guaranteed by:

- special food attractants

- hormonal attracting substances

- delayed activity, (3-7 days) after ingestion prevents rodents from linking the poison with dying of other rodents.

- mummifying substances prevent the decomposition of dead rodents.

- resistant to weather conditions and mould

Product should be put on display in places where rodents were seen most often, near their hiding places (in dry and shaded places, under furniture in corners). It is advisable to put the block out on a mat. The wax blocks should be topped up while animals eat them. This process can stop when the animals stop eating, otherwise not all animals will be eliminated. The rodents will start dying after 3-7 days from eating the wax block.


- mice: use 1-2 wax blocks in one location

- rats: respectively 5-10 wax blocks

The distances between the portions of poison should be adjusted to the number of rodents.

Biocidal products should be used with exceptional precautions. The label and information leaflet should be read before use.

unitunit/cartonart. NoEAN code
10 kg-0565904517001480
BROS PROFESSIONAL ECHO - plastic baitbox

Plastic baitbox for mice and rats (oblong).

Dimensions: 95x310x92 mm

unitunit/cartonart. NoEAN code
1 pc6 pcs190-

Cockroach gel needles.

unitunit/cartonart. NoEAN code
10 pcs50 pcs140-

Addition improving fog properties in fogging.
The product contains neutral, polyhydroxy aliphatic alcohols (polypropylene glycol). The product does not contain harmful diethylene glycol. STABLER improves poor fogging properties of water as diluter of many insecticides and disinfecting agents. It allows for even application of the fogged chemical in rooms and it can decrease the necessary amount of the chemical for effective operation.
It allows for even application of the fogged chemical in rooms and it can decrease the minimal dose of chemical necessary for effective operation.

- fogging with the use of STABLER limits the humidity in the room (increased as a result of the performed fogging)

- up to 90% reduction of necessary labour. - guarantee of great effectiveness through proper room penetration by the used chemical.

Possible applications: agrotechnical operations, disinfection, disinfection of empty glasshouses, foil tunnels, mushroom-growing cellars, inventory rooms and on open spaces (fighting mosquitoes and gnats).


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5 l-1505904517006324
BROS PROFESSIONAL yellow sticky paper for insect lamps 6 pack

(420x 220mm) – compatible with following products: LIZARD, DEAL; Chameleon 1x2; Chameleon 2x2 and Chameleon Uplight

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6 pcs-5715904517006201

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