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About the brand

Everything plants need to grow healthy and beautiful A wide range of fertilizers and products for growing and caring for indoor, balcony and garden plants. BOPON products provide plants with the necessary nutrients, take care of the appropriate reaction and structure of the soil, and ensure optimal growth and beautiful appearance of plants. BOPON products have been present on both the Polish and foreign markets for many years. They are distinguished by a rich and perfectly selected composition, which translates into high efficiency of their operation. Many of them have won prestigious awards, such as Gold Medals of the Poznań Fair or Gardentrend Creators.


Nutritional preparations for plants in various forms (liquids, gels, granules, sticks), both mineral and organic. With a universal effect and dedicated to specific groups of plants (e.g. flowering plants, balcony green plants) and specific species - roses, hydrangeas, geraniums, ferns, strawberries, blueberries and many others.


High-quality vegetable, herb and flower seeds as well as grass mixtures. Coming from proven and experienced breeders, always tested for germination capacity.

Care preparations

They help to ensure the attractive appearance of plants, their proper hydration and hydration.

BOPON Natural

Products based on raw materials of natural origin, such as manure, biohumus or organic fertilizers. They are a perfect solution for those who want to take care of plants in a healthy and natural way.

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