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About the brand

Everything you need to take care of sanitary sewage in your home Products that support the efficient functioning of septic tanks and household sewage treatment plants. They effectively reduce the nuisance of using this type of sanitary sewage system, reducing unpleasant odors and optimizing the frequency of emptying septic tanks.

To the septic tanks

Microbial enzyme preparations in the form of powders and tablets that accelerate the decomposition of organic waste in septic tanks and reduce unpleasant odors. Thanks to their operation, it is possible to empty the tanks less often.


Products for cleaning sanitary facilities in installations connected to a septic tank or household sewage treatment plant. Thanks to the special composition, they do not destroy the natural bacterial flora of these tanks, and at the same time they effectively remove dirt and limescale deposits.

To the latrines

Preparations to help maintain the hygiene of latrines and dry toilets. They accelerate the decomposition of organic waste and reduce the unpleasant odor in these places.

For ecological sewage treatment plants

Specialist microbiological preparations that support the work of home sewage treatment plants and reduce the amount of sludge in the settling tank.

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